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James S.H. Kiang Consulting

This component of the business is dedicated to a project colloquially called the Infinity Polygraph. Proposed time frames are in the technology proposals.

This project requires funding from a broad-minded sponsor who values the insight of emerging technologies, their inter-relations with wider business applications, and the deeper social implications of their invention and use.


The following are brief technology proposals that form the foundation of this concept:

C3: ../images/bgnav.bmpPDF Version

Vision System: ../images/bgnav.bmpPDF Version

Remote Muscle (Neural) Stimulator: For the time being, this portion is not posted. You are, however, directed to DARPA's 2004 Overview; in particular the section discussing "Human Assisted Neural Devices". This is not fantasy, the movies, or science fiction: we are at this stage of technological evolution.