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James S.H. Kiang Consulting

This component of the business conducts interdisciplinary research. The following are a sampling of the most promising projects under way. Click the link for an abstract of the content.

Feel free to use these abstracts for your own research, however I request that my name and this site be referenced somewhere in your work as a courtesy.

box Advanced Funds Management

box Managing Sub-Cultures

box Psycho-Acoustic Encryption
Academic Resources

One of the Internet's greatest returns to users has been the ability to share information previously available only to a select few. The following are suggested viewings from the very best International Academic Sources, that might help individuals to broaden their understanding of the times in which we live, and the complexity of the problems we face. [Use an Internet search engine to find the targets.]

Harvard University, Institute of Politics (Video Archives)

Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (Video Archives)

Yale University, School of Management - Leaders Forum (Video Archives)


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